Sunday, June 8, 2008

EXAM - My checklist

This is what I brought to the exam:


- a few pencils
- a portable pencil sharpener
- an eraser
- a calculator (solar/battery combo)
- a backup calculator
(know how to work these prior to the exam)
- reading glasses
- ear plugs
- a watch
- a sheet numbered 1-160 to mark probability of right answer (90%, 75%, 50%, 25%).
(I used this tactic in the PMP exam)
- A couple water bottles
- A blank spiral notebook to be used as scratch paper
- A printout of my exam acceptance email
- Picture ID / Drivers License
- Wear comfortable clothes.

Reference Material:

- CQI Primer
- Separate binder with CQI Primer appendix and index
- Separate binder with ASQ and ASTQB glossaries
- Separate binder with:
--- 7 historic quality tools
--- Standards keyword cross-reference
--- Quality guru cross-reference
--- Statistic calculations
--- CMM information
--- Jim made a reference sheet with several pages of notes that I also brought.

A couple other points:

- As mentioned earlier, we went to the exam site a couple days earlier just to make certain we knew where it was at.
- Know where road construction is at and make sure it won't impact your arrival time.
- I put all my stuff in a hand cart I picked up from Office Depot for $19.95. It looks like a milk crate with wheels and a long, collapsible handle. It folds up nicely to put out of the way. I didn't want to worry about dropping all my stuff on the way to the exam room.

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